Cable Television - Franchise Agreements

Time Warner Cable (formerly Adelphia Communications Corporation)
Customer Service Relations:
721 Maulhardt Avenue
Oxnard, CA. 93030
1-888-TW-CABLE (1-800-892-2253)

Verizon FiOS
Customer Service Relations:
7979 North Beltline Road
P.O. Box 152013
Irving, Texas 75015

Franchise Agreements **

  • On September 29, 2006, the Legislature passed, and Governor Schwarzenegger signed into law Assembly Bill AB2987, the Digital Infrastructure and Video Competition Act of 2006 (DIVCA).  Prior to DIVCA, cable television franchises were issued by cities and counties. DIVCA replaces that system with one in which video franchises are now issued by the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission), rather than the local entities.


    DIVCA AB2987 Assembly Bill
  • In March 2002, Adelphia Communications Corporation purchased Verizon Communications Local Video Services Division (Americast).
  • On August 25, 2000, the Oxnard City Council adopted a resolution consenting to the transfer of the cable television franchise currently owned and operated by Jones Intercable, Inc. to Adelphia Communications Corporation (A-5867).
  • In August 1998, Jones Intercable, Inc. was granted a new 10-year franchise agreement. (Expired)
  • In May 1997, GTE Media Ventures, Inc. (Americast) was granted a 10-year franchise agreement. (Expired)

** Copies of the expired Franchise Agreements are available from the office of the Oxnard City Clerk

Federal Communications Commission and Telecommunications Acts

The cable TV franchise agreements were prepared and adopted in accordance with the regulations of the Federal Communications Commission and Telecommunications Acts to provide cable TV (CATV) services to the communities of both Oxnard and Port Hueneme.

The Federal Communications Commission is an independent federal agency responsible directly to Congress. Established by the Communications Act of l934, it is charged with regulating interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable. Its jurisdiction covers the 50 states and territories, the District of Columbia and U.S. possessions.

Public, Educational, and Government (PEG) Programming

PEG programming is available to all cable television service subscribers (Time Warner Cable and Verizon FiOS) who are located within the city limits of Oxnard & Port Hueneme. PEG channels are not available on any satellite television service such as DirecTV or the Dish Network.


Time Warner Cable Converts Analog Channels to Digital Only Format

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